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ultra HD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

The ultraHD photo print offers significantly better resolution compared to conventional photos and has visibly sharper definition in the image’s finer details.

  • massive luminosity and light-resistance
  • increased dynamic range for precise light gradation
  • uncomplicated and safe mounting

Prices include VAT

30 x 20 cm160,00 €
60 x 40 cm420,00 €
90 x 60 cm810,00 €
120 x 80 cm1300,00 €
180 x 120 cm2750,00 €

Photo print

  • Hahnemühle Fine Art Print: The finest photo print in artistic perfection with high pictorial depth and finest tonal gradation, without reflection.

Prices include VAT

60 x 40 cm80,00 €
90 x 60 cm160,00 €
120 x 80 cm280,00 €
150 x 100 cm430,00 €

Matte canvas on stretcher frame

  • classic canvas texture with natural, warm feel
  • matt surface (no reflection)
  • saturated, luminous colours
  • high resolution and nuanced hues for outstanding detail
  • water and smudge resistant

Prices include VAT

60 x 40 cm150,00 €
90 x 60 cm230,00 €
120 x 80 cm370,00 €
150 x 100 cm530,00 €
180 x 120 cm700,00 €


  • Kalender_Hochformat_Oktober1

Calendar portrait format

The calendar for 2020 will be available with new and breathtaking photos on October 2019.

  • Kalender Vorlage Jänner1 900x720 - Home

Calendar landscape format

The calendar for 2020 will be available with new and breathtaking photos on October 2019.

To ensure that every product arrives to you in top quality, it undergoes a quality inspection at the end of each work step, which is carried out by qualified employees.

To order a print or calender please fill out the contact form.

lost in flow

“Flow is a state of mind when you put highest concentration and submersion in an activity. I become one with endless landscapes of planet earth without having any goals or expectations in advance – only packed with my camera equipment.”

My name is Lucas Tiefenthaler and I’m an enthusiastic photographer from Austria. My photos are shot in the beautiful mountains of planet earth and are defined by seeing the unexpected by following the flow, adding surreal post-production.

Join me on my journey through magical worlds on my website and on Instagram (@lucas_tiefenthaler).


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